Handicapping Expert Shawn Rychling

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Shawn Rychling, while only writing professionally about horse racing for the past 2 1/2 years, has been handicapping thoroughbreds on his own for 23 years. A true lover of horse racing, Shawn has attended the Travers Stakes at Saratoga every year since 1991. That is 22 consecutive times, as of the 2012 race.

An avid writer, Shawn hopes to one day spend an entire meet up at Saratoga where he can note all the memories and experiences, and one day write a book about it, with a working title of: ’40 Days’. He adds that his favorite part about Saratoga is ‘having an early morning breakfast, sitting trackside, while watching the horses train, handicapping in the most peaceful and relaxing atmosphere possible.’

Currently an Online Editor for the New Haven Register, Shawn also works alongside Bob Ehalt on the New York Hot List handicapping service, which is now offered at MyWinners.com.

When handicapping, Shawn likes to pay close attention to speed figures, trainer intent, value, pedigree and the last race the horse raced in, noting that there are variables in each of these attributes that may or may not relate to each race.