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At Winners it’s not like betting on table games or slot machines at the casino because you’re not betting against the ‘house’.   In fact, when you bet with Winners, you bet into a common pool, with thousands of other bettors across the world. The payout part of the pool is divided amongst the people who have made the correct selections, and they share their part of the prize fund.

It’s a simple as that.

So, at Winners, because you are not betting against us, or the ‘house’, we want our customers to win.

Q) Want to know how to place your first bet, or even how to make some simple plays that can improve your chance to a payout?

Then use our simple How to Bet Guide to find out how to make your first wager.

Q) Not sure what the minimum wagers are per track or want to try a different bet but not sure what the minimum is?

Then simply click here  for a copy of the 2013 Minimum Wagers sheet.  All minimums are listed per track and by bet.